Sydney Blue Mountains solar installerGet solar & reduce your electricity bills.

Store your excess solar energy in batteries and use the sun at night.

Add Reposit Power to the system and save even more!

.Sun-Kissed Solar design and install quality PV solar and battery storage or ‘battery ready’ systems for domestic and commercial use. Check out the premium gear we use here.

Sun-Kissed Solar is owned and operated by Blue Mountains electrical contractor Gary Caganoff who is experienced, reliable, honest and friendly; servicing Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands.

Gary works with you to design a solar generation system that suits your needs, and then, with a small team, personally installs the system; assuring absolute quality and trust throughout the process. No cutting corners. No ‘solar cowboys’. No hard sell.

Your new system comes not just with all the usual product and performance warranties but also a 5 Year Warranty of workmanship from us.

We design and install on-grid, off-grid and hybrid (battery storage) systems, as well as carry out repairs and maintenance on any system installed by us or not.

See some of our installs, read some testimonials and get a no obligation free quote.

There is no better time than now. Get Solar. Get Sun-Kissed!


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