INVERTERS – SolarEdge, SMA, Enphase:

Sun-Kissed Solar uses only the very best inverters, panels and batteries for the systems we design and install. Over the last seven years we’ve used some others but have found these are the best.

Battery Storage

For battery storage and battery ready systems we lean towards the excellent SolarEdge StoreEdge system. With its panel mounted optimisers solar generation can increase by up to 25%. The inverter and built in charger have a massive 12 year warranty and the optimisers a 25 year warranty. Includes battery back-up for when the grid goes down and is compatible with the LG Chem RESU HV range of lithium batteries.

Solar Blue Mountainsa

For PV only On-Grid systems we use SMA’s  Sunny Boy or Tri-Power range of inverters. We also use Enphase Micro Inverters. Both of these are good for future AC coupled batteries.


Off-Grid – Selectronic

For Off Grid installations we use Selectronic (a brilliant Aussie made inverter) with Fronius string inverters. Sun-Kissed Solar has Selectronic certification which gives you a 10 year warranty on Selectronic gear. We have also used Latronics, Outback, Plazmatronics and other similar off-grid inverters and controllers.


PV Panels – Trina, LG, Sun Power

We use and trust Trina Honey PV panels, as well as LG and Sun-Power PV panels, for residential and commercial installations; all Teir 1 manufacturers of PV in the world. If you prefer one brand to the other please make a request.


Batteries – LG Chem

For hybrid installations Sun-Kissed Solar uses (but is not limited to) LG Chem lithium batteries.

We also use the Sealed Gel Lead Acid for off-grid systems.

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