Inverters:Solar Blue Mountainsa

For battery storage and battery-ready systems we lean towards the excellent SolarEdge inverters. With its panel mounted optimisers solar generation can increase by up to 25%, making it excellent for roofs with shading or different angles and aspects. The inverter and built in charger is compatible with the LG Chem RESU HV range of lithium batteries and will give you battery back-up when the grid goes down.

Over the last nine years we’ve installed many good brands of inverters (SMA, Enphase, Fronius) and some budget ones (GoodWe, SolaX). But for the last three years we’ve installed more SolarEdge inverters. We’ve also installed Fronius upon request which are also a very good inverter and probably has the best reputation, but we still prefer SolarEdge, specially for battery or battery-ready systems, where it boosts efficiency and gives panel level monitoring. Plus it has one of the best warranties; 12 years on the inverter and 25 years on the optimisers.

Out of all the on-line monitoring platforms that come with each brand we’ve found SolarEdge to be the best most user (& installer) friendly. Some of the others are just bad, and others you have to pay to upgrade. Having a good monitoring platform is important because it’s the interface between you and the system and the difference between you understanding what it’s doing or not. Ultimately helping you to reduce your electricity bills, or not.

Battery Storage

The SolarEdge back-up inverters take the popular LG Chem RESU HV range of lithium ion batteries. SolarEdge will also be bringing out their own brand of lithium ion battery soon.

Sun-Kissed Solar have also installed BYD 13.8kWh lithium ion batteries with the Fronius/Selectronic inverters for systems that require a bit more oomf.

Off-Grid – Selectronic

For Off Grid installations we use Selectronic (a brilliant Aussie made inverter) with Fronius string inverters. Sun-Kissed Solar has Selectronic certification which gives you a 10 year warranty on Selectronic gear. We have also used Latronics, Outback, Plazmatronics and other similar off-grid inverters and controllers.

PV Panels – Trina, LG

We mainly use and trust Trina Honey and LG NeON2 PV panels, for residential and commercial installations; They are both Teir 1 manufacturers and have an excellent reputation and reliability. If you prefer one brand to the other please make a request.

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