Sun-Kissed Solar uses only the very best gear for the systems we design and install. At this point in time we use several companies who make very different types of inverters for On Grid, Off Grid and Hybrid (battery storage).

For On Grid systems we use the ever popular and most efficient and reliable inverters from the German company SMA. In domestic and commercial applications we use SMA’s  Sunny Boy or Tri-Power range.

Blue Mountains solar intallationsThe other inverter company we use and trust is Enphase who make a range of excellent Micro-Inverters as well as plug-and-play Lithium Iron Battery storage. Micro Inverters are generally used for roofs with shading issues but are becoming more popular for normal installations for generating greater yeilds than a string inverter.


For hybrid connections for battery storage we use GoodWeStoreEdge, SolaX, and Sunny Storage. Which one we use depends on your situation.

For Off Grid we use Selectronic (a brilliant Aussie made inverter) with ABB or Fronius. Gary has Selectronic certification which gives you 10 years warranty on Selectronic gear.



solar installation Blue MountainsPV Panels

We use and trust Trina Honey PV panels, as well as LG PV panels, for residential and commercial installations. Two of the top Teir 1 manufacturers of PV in the world.








Sun-Kissed Solar uses (but is not limited to) LG Chem and Samsung All-In-One.

We also use the Lead Acid for off-grid systems.

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