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, 3kW, 10 x Trina 300w panels with Enphase S270 Micro Inverters. Additional system to boost their existing 1kW system. Not a lot of roof space for more panels unfortunately but when the old inverter blows we’ll put in more 300w panels with micro inverters.

Blue Mountains solar

Client’s comments:
“We’ve been really impressed with the quality of your work and the professionalism of your team.
Thanks for such an easy install. I’ve logged in (to the Enphase Enlighten monitoring portal) and have been blown away by the level of data shown, it really will affect our household usage and I think it will benefit… like (telling us) when to run high energy use devices.”

Enphase solar Blue Mountains

The trick with solar is to get as much consumption (orange) under the solar (blue) as possible. For a young family with stay-at-home-mum washing and baking this is excellent! This day they produced 18.2kWh from the sun (both 1kw and 3kW systems) and consumed 16.7kWh up until 6pm. They’ll consume a little more in the evening till bed time. See all the orange in the graph before 7am. That’s the fridge and appliance standby power.

, 7.3kW, 25 x Trina 295w panels with SolarEdge 7kW inverter with StorEdge charger
+ LG Chem RESU 1oH lithium battery. An awesome system!

Solar Edge LG Chem Blue Mountains

Screen shot of a typical sunny September day’s production from the SolarEdge monitoring portal:

Solar Edge Blue Mountains

Note in the graph the red consumption is almost completely covered by the battery (dark green) and self consumption (blue) which is both solar and battery covering the house loads. Light green is the solar production, dark green system production – both solar and battery.

Because there are panels on three orientations of the roof (made possible by the SolarEdge optimisers under each panel) and there are no shade issues, the system gets sun all day. See how the solar kicks in and battery begins charging at 6.15am. Wow!

, 7.8kW, 26 x Trina 300w panels with SolarEdge 7kW inverter with StorEdge charger.
LG Chem battery ready.

solar Blackheath

, 4.9kW, 19 x Trina 270w ‘TIGO ‘smart’ panels with SMA 5kW inverter.

North roof:

Lithgow solar

East roof:

Lithgow solar

Wentworth Falls
, 1.7kW, 6 x Trina 295w panels + 1.5kW existing panels with new SMA 3kW inverter.

, 5.3kW, 18 x Trina 295w panels with SMA 5kW inverter.

Blue Mountains solar company

, 5kW, 17 x Trina 295w panels with Enphase S270 Micro-Inverters.

Sun-Kissed Solar sun kissed solar Blue Mountains


, 4.8kW, 18 x 270W Trina panels with GoodWe hybrid inverter ready for future battery storage.

solar blue mountains   battery storage solar Blue Mountains

, 4.5kW, 14 x 320W JA panels with SolaX hybrid inverter and LG Chem 6.4 RESU.
Plenty roof space but lots of edge shading. Panels placed for optimum solar access.

Owner wishing to get off expensive gas hydronic floor heating. Solar and battery storage to offset electricity for winter heating from new efficient air con unit. Air con cooling not needed in summer due to mud brick walls and excellent insulation. Heating in winter also slow combustion wood fire and solar passive.

battery storage solar Blue Mountains      battery storage Blue Mountains solar

, 5.8kW, 20 x Trina 290w panels with Enphase S270 Micro-Inverters
Complex roof angles and shading warranted micro-inverters. Height of summer 30kWh/day generation.

solar Blue Mountains

Kanimbla Valley
Off-Grid retrofit of existing system. Was under powered, not providing enough electricity from the batteries for evening use. No generator. Added two more panels to charge batteries quicker. Two existing panels on pole mount relocated with two new panels to main dwelling roof (right). Moved batteries, inverter and controller to a new shed on the cooler south side of the house (below).

Owner insulated new tin shed to keep batteries at moderate temperature in summer and winter. Owner reports they now have electricity through the night and all appliances in use by day. Yet to test the winter months.

BELOW: Old shed, an electrical hazard with live DC wires on the floor going no where and in reach of tin walls. Uninsulated tin shed a sauna set to destroy batteries. Dodgy and dangerous AC wiring to house removed. New DC and AC wiring to/from new shed in separate conduit, buried in ground. Earth stake installed for AC MEN for RCBO (safety switch) on AC circuit.

off grid solar Blue Mountains Lithgow Bathurst

Wentworth Falls
: 2kW system retrofitted to 4.7kW adding 10 x new 270w Trina panels with Enphase S230 micro inverters to 12 x 175w panels re-positioned and fitted with Enphase S230 micro inverters. With Envoy S for ‘battery ready’

Generated a massive 30Kwh on the first full day of operation, over 40C mid summer 2017;
off setting a load of 30kWh with air installations Blue Mountains Sydney

Wentworth Falls
, 4.6kW 16 x 290w Trina panels,
5kW SMA Sunnyboy inverter.

Blue Mountains solar installations

, Hybrid. 2.5kW Trina panels, 48v, 12.5kWh Sonnenschein Sealed Lead Acid batteries, 5kW Selectronic SPPro Inverter/Charger, 3kW ABB PV Inverter.

battery storage Blue Mountains Sydney

Wentworth Falls
, 3.9kW, 14 x 280w Trina panels with 14 x Enphase S270 micro-inverters.

solar installations Blue Mountains


Winmalee (Neighbourhood Centre), 4.5kW, 18 x 250w Trina panels,
1 x SMA 5000TL Tri-Power inverter. A Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Co-op project.

Blue Mountains solar installations

, 2kw 8 x 255w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, 8 x Enphase Micro Inverters,
all on 25deg tilt frames.

2015-09-30 11.14.09

, 4.8kw 18 x 260w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, SMA 5000TL Inverter. 9 on the North, 9 on the West (2 photos)

Wentworth Falls
4.5kwW 18 x 250w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, SMA 5000TL inverter
with TIGO Optimisation

, 4.5kW, 18 x 250w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, SMA 5000TL inverter
14 panels on flat tin roof, 4 panels on tile roof.

, 4.5kw, 18 x 250w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, 9 x APS YC500 Micro Inverters

3.2kW 12 x 270w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, 6 x APS YC500 Micro Inverters


4kw 16 x 250w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, 8 x APS YC500 micro inverters

4 panels facing West, 4 panels facing North
8 panels facing West (2nd photo)

east north roof

west roof

Bella Vista
2.5kw 10 x 250w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, SolarMax 3000S Inverter


3kw 12 x 250w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL-21 Inverter

3kw 12 x 250w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, 6 x APS YC500 micro
inverters under panels.

3.5kw 14 x 250w Trina ‘Honey’ panels, SMA Sunny Boy 4000TL Inverter.