Since they came out I’ve been recommending clients switch their light globes to LEDs if they hadn’t already. It’s logical that a 3 to 6 Watt light-emitting-diode is going to save you more money that the 12 to 16 Watt compact florescent and even the old 40 to 100 Watt energy wasting incandescences. This is true, and for a home or office with solar (particularly off-grid) it makes perfect sense to be as load efficient as possible.

However, it has come to my attention, through a friend who has just graduated from medical school, that LEDs have a huge detrimental effect on both our health and the environment. I didn’t believe her at first, and I didn’t want to because of the great promise that LEDs are both cost effective and have little impact on the environment. Dr Orit sent me a link, which I’d like to share with you here.

The crux of it is that:

1/ LEDs disrupt our endocryn system which unbalances our complex cocktail of hormones, damages the eyes’ retinas and effects mental health.

2/ LEDs are full of toxic substances far more than the mercury in compact florescent globes and when thrown away will also cause toxic waste and leaching into the soil and water.

Both of these issues are of huge concern. On the impact of human health here’s two videos of presentations given by Dr. Alexander Wunsch. The first presentation he gave at the LightSymposium in Germany, October 2016 and the second in Norway in 2006.



Then there’s a main stream science magazine on the environmental effects of LEDs. Not so detailed but you get the picture. Or a synopsis for an academic paper.

Then there’s something from the street…