With the rise of renewables Australia’s massive energy grid is becoming more and more decentralised. This is opening up opportunities for households and businesses with battery storage to be part of the energy revolution; giving the power (and the money) back to the people.


Reposit is a specialised software (developed and made by some clever people in the ACT) that limits your grid costs by helping you understand your energy consumption, gather weather predictions and monitor wholesale market opportunities. The Reposit ‘box’ is installed by us and sits in or near your meter box and WiFi’s to your modem. Reposit lowers your energy bills by actively managing and planning what you pull from the grid. It also gives you the power to sell your stored solar energy to the grid at a premium price at peak demand times such as scorching hot days when everyone turns their air conditioners on and the grid is straining under the load.


What can Reposit do?

  • Reposit uses ‘dynamic charging’ using forward-looking weather and house-hold or workplace load predictions to optimise Time of Use (TOU) tariffs. It automatically avoids peak rates and prefers charging from solar first or from offpeak ($0.10/kWh). This feature is available with all TOU electricity retailers
  •  The battery trades with the grid at $1/kWh at selected times. The solar feeds into the grid at $0.08/kWh all other times (only through selected electricity retailers).
  • Provides protection from power outages/blackouts with selected inverters
  • Provides genuine financial rewards for helping solve grid problems such as ‘peak demand’ and associated rising energy prices caused by infrastructure upgrades
  • Smart Reposit apps on web, iOS & Android
  • Provides a choice of batteries & inverters
  • Provides a choice of electricity retailers


Reposit can be installed with most new or existing battery storage systems. Please ask us for an obligation free quote on a new system with Reposit, or for your existing system.

Lastly here’s a great article on where this ‘world first’ technology is leading to.